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The Oldest Architectural & Decorative Finishing School in Eastern Canada and Northern US!

"The Art of Faux Finish" is the oldest Architectural and Decorative Finishing school in Eastern Canada and North Eastern United States. We have trained well over 1500 design and finishing professionals and hobbyists since 1997 coming from all parts of the US and Canada. Using a hands-on workshop environment, the courses and techniques are specifically tailored to instruct the latest decorative finishes and trends to professionals, trades-people, and hobbyists who are interested in architectural finishes! Whether you are an applicator, a design professional or simply have a specific project in mind (home, furniture or object) and need to stay in tune with the latest concepts, designs and trends in the industry, it will certainly stimulate a new creative energy to be applied to your world!

"Whether you are inspired from Venetian plasters, Ancient Plaster, Gilding (gold leaf or metallic effects), Wall Glazing, Marbling, Stone Effects, Painted Canvas, Stenciling or Decorative painted furniture, you will find it at our Architectural & Corporate Design Center!"



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